Christian Meaning of Names – A Review of Popular and Unpopular Names

There are various Christian names with each containing a specific meaning. Many of the names fall under Hebrew, Greek and Latin categories. They generally reflect all the good qualities of God like love, peace, strength and wisdom. To obtain a more accurate picture of this, a review of names is given below.

Christian Meaning of Names – Boys Names.

This can be divided into two sections, being popular and less popular. The more popular Christian boy names and their meanings are Abel which means vanity and breath. Another very popular name is Abraham and the meaning is father of a great multitude. The meaning of Benjamin is son of the right hand, while Daniel refers to judgement of God. Gabriel means God is my strength. Adam stands for earthy or red. Cain relates to possession, while Ishmael means God that hears. Job means he that weeps or cries and Matthew is a reward. Moses stands for being drawn forth while Noah and Peter means consolation and a rock or stone, respectively.

The less popular boy names are Aaron which means a teacher and also mountain of strength. Abiathar means excellent father and father of the remnant. Eliphaz means the endeavor of God. Elkanah is the zeal of God. Hur means liberty or whiteness and Isaiah means the salvation of the Lord. Joel stands for he that wills or commands, while Josiah means the fire of the Lord. Lazarus is assistance of God and Matthias is the gift of the Lord. Nathaniel means the gift of God, anime where popular girl falls for unpopular boy while Phineas stands for face of trust or protection. Reuben is the vision of the son and Tobiah means the Lord is good. A very good name is Uriah which means the Lord is my light or fire.

Christian Meaning of Names – Girls Names.

There are also Christian girl names which also stay in line with the likeness of God. A few of these names and their meanings are Ariel which means light or lion of God. Bernice represents one that brings victory and Bethel is the house of God. Elisha stands for salvation of God while Eunice means good victory. Jael means one that ascends and Joanna is grace or gift of the Lord. Naomi means beautiful while Phoebe stands for shining or pure. Sarah is a strong name which means princess of the multitude and Susannah means joy. Zilpah means distillation from the mouth.

All these names help to reflect God’s power and love for all people. It is said that God created all of us in the image of his likeness and the names above show all the good qualities of God. People with the names above will hopefully be very blessed and any parents who are looking for a name for their child or children, can choose one of the above names as they see fit.


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