Public Drinking Water Treatment

Since a 17 year old science student in Ohio USA hit the news at the beginning of this millennium drinking water treatment has been presented with a very real challenge. qqstamp

And what is that challenge? The removal of prescription drug residues from public and private water supplies.

Back in 2000 this particular problem of drinking water contamination had already existed for some time and since then various research bodies and other water quality authorities and experts have continued to make tests to evaluate the extent of this problem.

Findings from studies carried out in Europe triggered this young students hometown research which led to her finding drug residues in water over a wide area where she lived. Do you wonder what any budding young scientists would find if they conducted a similar study in your respective local areas? quickstamp

So where do these drugs come from? To answer that lets focus on one of these prescription drugs included in the list of residues found. Anti-biotics. Both Doctors and Veterinarians prescribe these common drugs.

Who use these medications? quickstamp We humans do. For ourselves as well as for the welfare of our animals from farmers livestock to domestic pets. Dairy farmers, sheep raisers, pig farmers along with owners of smallholdings and we can also include in this list horse and dog lovers. All may at sometime use these medicines to the benefit of their animals.

How do these end up contaminating our water? Significant residues of these drugs pass through our body as is also true with animals bodies. So it should come as no surprise to us when we learn that anti-biotics have been found in farm waste water lagoons as well as ground water and even in well water. more visit sites>

How can we protect our families from this potential health risk?

There are two phrases we need to keep in mind. Synthetic organic chemicals (SOCs) and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) Why?

Because (SOCS) and (VOCS) can be filtered out of our water supply with a quality home water filtration system and because the majority of these drugs are synthetic they can be removed this way.

We need to look out for this feature on any water filter system we may consider using so that we experience the full benefit of drinking water free of these contaminants. Throughout the world there are many different processes that have been used as a drinking water treatment to provide water fit to drink.

Installing a water filter at point of use is the most effective way to provide water to our household that is free from these pollutants that are detrimental to our health.


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