How to Dispel “Lucky Itis” Disease in Achievement

You know that sound of it. As you are sitting with your family or your friends your conversation goes the same place it always goes. “They were in the right place at the right time.” “They always get the lucky breaks”. “They came from money”. “They had a better start”. If you are “lucky” enough to avoid the “Lucky It’s” club, you probably know someone who is a part of it. You are the recipient of hearing one of your friends or family talk about how luck came to “that” person and never comes “my way”. The mysterious Lucky It plagues millions of people and keeps those same people from achieving the success they say they desire. Lucky It’s can be easily combated and overcome with three simple steps.

First, stop telling yourself that success is designated by luck! It’s simply not true. We think in terms of luck most often when describing others’ success. Could that just be because we are a little envious? Do not let unhealthy envy drive the lucky excuse. Use a healthy dose of positive “envy” by learning from the successful people around you and mimicking what they did to achieve what they have. The longer you tell yourself that someone else is only where they are because of luck, the longer you will belittle yourself, your abilities, and your success.

Second, accept that success comes through consistently applying success principles to one’s life. All successful people consistently apply success principles in every aspect of their life. Find a successful person and find someone who might humbly give credit to “luck”, but who deep inside knows that success comes as a result of applying success principles over time.

Finally, get into action! Instead of using the mental energy, luckychuckie it takes to talk and think about others’ success and falling into the disease of Lucky It’s, uses that same energy to take action using solid success principles! It might be very surprised how much successful we would all be if we turned all the negative energy we put into making excuses into positive action with success principles. If you start using your mental energy with a positive mindset and action-oriented steps towards success, you will not have time for Lucky It’s. You will be moving too quickly to success to think about luck!

Lucky It plagues all of us from time to time like a common cold, but don’t let the disease sit in your mindset for very long. This disease of the mind is a constant barrier to achievement in any endeavor. Luck is only a reality if you call luck consistently applying success principles into positive action. Take a healthy dose of responsibility and start moving forward today!

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