Hunting Goes High Tech

The old school of hunting can’t keep up with the modern hunter. If you want a trophy deer, you can bag one the hard way or the high tech way. In both cases, the trophy deer will be yours. Read on to find out how hunting has gone high tech.

Laser Sighting and Laser Boar Sighting Will Put your Gun on Target

The old method of going out and wasting countless bullets sighting in you gun has gone by the wayside. The use of lasers has improved accuracy tremendously.

  • The modern hunter has his gun boar sighted, which means better accuracy and less waste of ammunition.
  • When sighting a scope, the laser tells you exactly where your bullet will land. While wind and drop angle is not taken into account, you will be able to bring your scope on target much quicker and increase the accuracy.
  • New and more modern gun stabilization will keep you from movements from effecting your target and allow you to aim with more precision.

GPS equipment will guide you to your hunting spot

Using GPS equipment will put you on your hunting spot quickly and effortlessly. No more guessing which path to take to your hunting spot, the GPS does it for you. Once a place is marked (waypoint), the equipment will lead the hunter straight to his area.

  • GPS can be used to locate spots.
  • Connected with a computer, an aerial view of the hunting spot can be shown via satellite.
  • GPS also allows you to mark your camp and hunting ground for easier travel back and forth.

Digital Camera, Infrared, and Computer Allow Hunters to Hunt While They Sleep

The use of digital cameras, infrared and laser tripping devices will allow a hunter to see where the game is going and what they are doing. With proper set up, the guess work of hunting is disappears.

  • Digital cameras can take still shots of the game.
  • Video cameras can take live footage while streaming the images back to the hunter
  • Computer controlled cameras allow the hunter to pan and zoom in on the game

High Tech Feeder Make Hunting Easier

In the old days, hunters had to rely on the wind or batteries to keep their feeders operating, but not any more. The use of solar power will keep the feeder going for months without human interaction.

  • You can even get a set up which notifies the hunter when the feeder is empty, or needs repair. No more going back and forth checking on the feeder.
  • Some solar powered feeders have a rain detector, which closes the feeder to prevent spoilage.
  • Some feeders have attachments that will allow cameras to show what is consuming the food.

While some hunters still enjoy sitting in the cold rain waiting for deer to come by, many hunters have taken to the high tech world, which makes hunting a snap. I wouldn’t be surprised if the future brought us hunting from our living room.

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