How Often Should I Really Blog?

Blogging is an essential activity for most websites. Blogging is often seen as the Holy Grail of generating traffic to a blog. In fact, blogging once was seen as a major key to getting traffic in the new age of Web 2.0. However, what came to be was that blogs turn into normal websites that generate traffic in the same way as other web properties. flowactivo

The key idea behind blogging as an SEO tactic was that blogging had a tactical advantage over other websites. The idea behind this tactical advantage was that a search engine would go to the blog often to look for new content. However, the search engine would go to any webpage to try to spider the contents if it knew that it had recently updated content. That is why site maps are important for any webpage; they direct the search engine spiders to index pages when there are updates. smartblogideas

At any rate, this should not deter a person from blogging on a regular basis. Blogging can and will bring fresh content to a website and therefore indexing may happen faster. However, this indexing in itself will not bring search engine rankings. However, what does bring rankings is the ability of the person to blog on a regular basis and get a high number of assets in a search engines cache. smartblogideas

The truth about blogging is that every single page or post can generate traffic on its own. Every single page or post it is like a mini website. Therefore, every page or post can generate its own traffic. Every word on a particular webpage or post becomes an asset in the hands of the website owner or business. This is because every word on the page is a keyword. Not only that, these keywords can be put together in and interesting variety of ways that the business owner or website owner may not have considered. autoperformancepartsdirect

Having a lot of blog posts is a good idea because it allows a website to generate a lot of traffic from the diversified keywords. Once these keywords are studied through analytics, a person can make a determination about what keywords are worth working to obtain in the future

One the biggest mistakes in SEO is that most people try to go for big keywords right out of the gate. However, this takes a long time to do because there is a lot of competition for large keywords. What is smart to do is to have many pages and posts on a webpage so that net is cast wider and a person can make a determination on what keywords are worth their time after they start generating traffic. mommasays

In general, this is a smart tactic because a website owner will not waste time on keywords that they should not be competing for in that particular moment. In fact, there many keywords that a person could get or compete for that will do nothing for the business because there is no real traffic coming through that keyword. The best thing to do is to let the market decide what keywords should be used to drive traffic and sales to a website. gambleonlineblog


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