Q and A About Customized Cell Phones and Unlocked Cell Phones

“Lock” is a software setting and when a cellphone is locked, that means, the phone only can use a SIM card from one settled carrier. In the opposite, unlocked cell phones are GSM phones that can use SIM cards from any carrier.

What are unlocked cell phones?

Unlocked cell phones do not need to sign a new contract with new cellular service provider when you want to change your SIM card provided by other network provider and you can change them freely. It’s no need to call your SIM network carrier to activate your unlock phones.

If unlocked mobile phones have these advantages, why the customized phones exist?

In some areas, the cellular service providers offers deeply discounted phones or sometime for free, you just have to sign a cell plan with these carriers for several years then you’ll get these brand phones in a low price. But you have to know that you can’t change the network provider during the contract period. For example, in US, there are four main network and mobile phone providers; they are Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. According to their cell phone plans, they often provide some new phones in a very low price. Even the popular iPhone 4 would be provided for free.

How could these carriers make money if they provide cellphones for free?

These network carriers have their plans. Think about it, sign a 2-year family plan with one carrier means in the next two years, you can only use service by this carrier and you have to follow its financing charges. As you use mobile phones frequently, your telephone bill is enough for the cost of this free of charge phone. UNLOCK ICLOUD ACTIVATION OF YOUR APPLE

What are the benefits of an unlocked mobile phone?

If you have an unlocked cellphone, you can change your SIM card freely and it gives you more options to select a network carrier with applicable price and telephone charge.

What is the difference between Unlocked and Unlocking cellphone?

Unlocked mobile phone means that it is available in any GSM mobile networks but unlocking cellphone is a phone that allows the user to download and install applications from other open sources except the limited applications imposed by the manufacture or carrier.

Should I buy a customized mobile phone or an unlocked cell phone?

Unlocked cell phones are always in full retail price but most people prefer to buy unlocked phones because they don’t want to be restrained by the contract and network carriers. As the unlocked phones are really demanded, the US two largest GSM network carriers AT&T and T-Mobile provide unlocked phones. These unlocked mobile phones are not available in CDMA networks such as Verizon Wireless and Sprint. As for buying a customized phone or an unlocked mobile phone, that depends the your situation.

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