Put Your Health Care on the Priority List

I spent last weekend visiting my family in North Carolina… mostly to visit my mom who is in a senior living facility. Myself, and many baby-boomers who may be reading this, choosecarolinashealthcare have parents who are aging or are already gone.

Seeing the seniors at the facility, I couldn’t help but reflect on what will happen to me as I age?

We all want to live a long productive, fulfilling life, have no serious health problems, a sharp mind, and have our death, when it is time, be peaceful and short.

We can’t determine our destiny but we can improve our chances for having a better quality of life for a longer time.

Our health should be our number one priority.

While many illnesses, whatinasia are just bad luck… most leading causes of death are totally preventable by making healthy life style choices.

Healthcare costs would not be skyrocketing and not as many people would be sick if everyone made healthy lifestyle choices.

Those of us who do stay well because of the healthy lifestyle choices we make, are footing the bill for those who choose not to. In fact, Worldnews we would all be much better off if the US spent more on PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE and reforming our food industry rather than our healthcare system.

Let’s face it. We are all busy and we are all guilty of taking our own health off of our priority list… not eating what we should, not exercising consistently or indulging in unhealthy habits.

Some of us are busy parents, or busy professionals, or both. Life is moving fast, it gets complicated, you are thinking: How will I get it all done? Where do I find the time? I’m so stressed out!!!

The more you de-prioritize yourself, the more unhappy and unhealthy you will be. It’s hard to see the effects day by day like you would see if you stopped watering your garden, but eventually not prioritizing your health could kill you… or you could live with difficulty for a long time.

Everything you do in your life depends on your being in good health and in good physical condition. To take care of your job or your family, you have to take care of yourself.

Having a preventable health problem and doing nothing about it because you are so busy taking care of everything and everybody is what will literally take you down… and our healthcare costs up.

Ask yourself: “What is most important to me in life?” Now ask: investorpedia “Does any of that really matter if I am too sick, too immobilized to get out of my chair?”

If you know you need to change but are not changing… it is time you take action. Enlist the service of a wellness coach… in fact you can’t afford not to.Why not start with a free strategy session? It’s just a call, but it’s the first step to improving your health.

Lauren Miller is a Professional Life Coach and Certified Personal trainer who specializes in coaching for weight-loss. Her company is Your Partner For Change.


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